Perfect choice for various applications!

  • Excellent thermoforming capabilities
  • Very good UV resistance
  • Outstanding weatherability
  • Easily fabricated
  • Suitable for food contact
  • Tested sound insulation – Class B3
  • Fine tune on thickness
  • B2 / Class 4 / UL 94 HB fire rated
  • 92% light transmission
  • High impact resistance
  • Resistant to inorganic acids
  • Max continuous operating temperature 158 F
  • Max intermittent operating temperature 194 F
  • Excellent light diffusing recipe

State of the art technology. Irreproachable sheets.

Policam Acrylic Sheets are produced in a 40 ton/day capacity, supported by a deep experienced production and engineering team. Production is isolated in a clean room against dust and particles to protect our pure transparent sheets. 100% virgin raw material is the key of the excellent light transmission (92%) and low haze values of our transparent sheets.

What if you are forced to stop the assembly of a stand due to the inconsistent thicknesses of your acrylic sheets?

Assembly lines of high quality displays, lighting fixtures i.e. work with tight tolerances. Metal profiles and jigsaw designs necessite uniform sheet thickness. This is when you need Policam acrylic sheets. Our production process provide uniform thickness (t) throughout the sheet with a max tolerance of ±10% for thicknesses 2-3 mm and ± 15% for 3-15 mm.

CE certified

Our SOUNDBLOCK acrylic sheets specifically developped for noise barriers are CE certified and supplied to various projects in Europe and Turkey. The airborne sound insulation value of our 15 mm sheet is 30dB and is classified as Class B3 under EN 14388.

Don’t be limited with our standard sizes, order cut-to-size!

Policam Acrylic Sheets are produced in 48″ standard width, up to 80″ large size. Thanks to special head on extrusion line, the sizes are not limited to but available for your special demands. Sheets can be run-to-size as small as 32″ at the end of the line. Smaller sizes can be prepared in our sizing unit to satisfy your needs.

Policam manufactures high gloss acrylic sheets for sign and display industry. They are suitable to thermoform for vacuuming, blowing, forming and bending. Their uniform thickness make them the most suitable acrylic sheets for printing applications and laser cutting. Policam acrylic sheets have a very good UV resistance and weathering thus making them perfect material to use for outdoor applications.

Thickness: 0.06″ – 0.60″
Standard Sizes: 48″ X 96″ – 80″ X 120″
Colors: Clear, White, Black, Opal, Diffuser White, Bronze, Blue
Accessories: Bonding agent

Policam specifically develops acrylic sheets for lighting fixtures and solutions. These opal sheets with different light transmission values, are enhanced with high efficient diffuser particles to provide the best performance to smooth and homogenize the hot spots and uneven light distribution. Acrylics are widely used in lighting for their following advantages:

• High heat and chemical resistance.
• High impact resistance.
• High UV resistance and excellent weatherability.
• Precision optical properties.
• Product consistency and process uniformity.
• Design flexibility
• Ideal for use with fluorescent, incandescent, and high intensity discharge (HID) light sources, acrylics are the material of choice for leading light manufacturers.

Thickness: 1,5mm – 6 mm
Standard Sizes: 1350*2050 mm ; 2050*3050 mm
Colors: Clear, Opal 60, Opal 76, Diffuser White

Acrylic is half of the density of glass and yet 17 times stronger. Moreover it can easily be cold bended onsite. Mostly used in construction as light domes, partition walls, glazing, roofing.

Thickness: 1,5mm – 15 mm
Standard Sizes: 1350*2050 mm ; 2050*3050 mm
Colors: Clear, White, Opal, Diffuser White, Bronze, Blue, Smoke
Accessories: Aluminum and steel profiles.

Policam SoundBlock is the trademark for specifically developed acrylic sheets for noise barriers. Generally demanded in thicknesses 12 and 15mm , these sheets are CE certified and supplied to highway and railway projects in Turkey and Europe.

Thickness: 10 mm – 15 mm
Standard Sizes: 2050*3050 mm ; 1000*4000 mm
Colors: Clear
Accessories: Aluminum and steel profiles.

Acrylic mirrors are lighter, safer than glass and easier to machine, to cut and to mount. Therefore they are ideal to use in automotive, yacht decoration, furnitures, child’s toys, sign making and displays. Our acrylic mirrors are protected by the industry’s toughest protective back-coating.

Thickness: 1-4 mm
Standard Sizes: 1350×2050 , 1220×2440 mm
Colors: Silver, gold, red, blue