• 89% light transmission
  • Good optical properties
  • Good mouldability.
  • Excellent transparency
  • Low moisture absorption.
  • Max continuous operating temperature 65 C
  • Good electrical insulation
  • Reasonable chemical resistance.
  • Low cost.
  • Good surface hardness
  • Colourability.
  • Max intermittent operating temperature 95 C

Low Cost, High Versatility

Like all our transparent sheets, our POLICAM PS sheets are produced in “clean room” environment,with tight tolerances and therefore meeting the highest standards of the industry in purity, light transmission and mechanical properties.

Polystyrene sheets are characterised by an appealing crystal clear appearance, very good light transmission, light weight and good resistance to breakage.


  • Bath and shower screens
  • Glazing
  • Interior design
  • Lighting fixtures
  • POP displays
  • Painting, poster and photo frames

POLİCAM specifically develops polystyrene sheets for lighting fixtures and solutions. They provide maximum light transmission (89%) and optimum light diffusion.

Although this field is ruled by the acrylics, polystyrene is steadily gaining ground as an excellent means of light control, and through its excellent electrical and optical properties.

Thickness: 2-5 mm
Standard sizes: 1350×2050 , 2050×3050 mm
Colors: Clear, white, Opal 60, Opal 76
Cut-to-size service available

Where there is a need for a cheaper alternative to our acrylic sheets and yet good resistance to breakage, our clear polystyrene sheets are the right choice. They can be molded, thermoformed and machined as good as acrylic.

Thickness: 2-10 mm
Standard sizes: 1350×2050 , 2050×3050 mm
Colors: Clear, white
Cut-to-size service available

Safer, lighter and cheaper than glass, our polystyrene shower screens come in several designs. Produced from 100% virgin raw material these sheets are crystal clear and resist the impacts.

Thickness: 1,5-3 mm
Standard sizes: 1250×1770 , 1250×1460 mm, 1300×1770 , 1300×1460 mm
Colors: Clear
Designs: Bubbles, Drops, Dolphins etc.