• Very high impact resistance
  • Excellent transparency and gloss
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to fabricate
  • B1 / Class 1Y  fire rated
  • Suitable for food contact
  • Can be cut with laser and with a shear
  • Surface scratches can easily be removed
  • 89% light transmission
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Lower cost alternative to polycarbonate
  • Deep thermoforming capability
  • Low non-toxic smoke generation
  • FDA Tested – Food contact
  • Max continuous operating temp 149 F
  • Max intermittent operating temp 162 F

Devoted to perfection

Our PET-G sheets are produced with a 20 ton/day capacity on well equipped Omipa lines. Production is isolated in a clean room against dust and particules to obtain pure transparency

100% virgin raw material is the key to the excellent light transmission (89%) and low haze values of our transparent sheets.

Save on the processing costs

PET-G offers the opportunity to save on processing costs as a result of its ability to be formed at lower than usual temperatures and shorter cycle times. Combined with the chance to remove any surface scuffs with just a hot air blower before shipping the finished article, makes PET-G a perfect cost-saver. And furthermore PET-G sheets do not need pre-drying before thermoforming process. This saves a considerable amount of time and money.

Clean as you wish

PETG sheets are resistant to most common cleaners and chemicals to prevent discoloration.

FDA Tested!

Policam Pet-G Sheets are now FDA tested!

Under regulations of US Food and Drug Administration, Policam Pet-G sheets can be used for packaging, transporting, holding food, excluding alcoholic beverages*. Policam Pet-G sheets are produced between 0.040″-0.40″ and 4′ X 8′ most popular size. Also Available in 80″ width.

<*In accordance with CFR Title 21 Part 177.1315 Clause B>

Don’t be limited with our standard sizes, order cut-to-size!

Policam Pet-G Sheets are produced in 48″ standard width, up to 80″ large size. Thickness starting from 0.040″ up to 0.40″ . Thanks to special head on extrusion line, the sizes are not limited to but available for your endless special demands. Sheets can be run-to-size as small as 32″ at the end of the line. Smaller sizes can be prepared in our sizing unit to satisfy your needs.

For your complex shapes and deep draw forming needs where you hesitate to use acrylic we offer you PETG sheets. 15 times tougher than acrylic, our PETG sheets are ideal for most demanding uses.

They are easy to machine and process. It is the ideal plastic solution for moving parts like display cover hinges, joints and jigsaw-like designs.

Thickness: 2-10 mm
Standard sizes: 2050*3050 mm
Colors: Clear, Opal, White

PoliFilm printable PETG films are excellent choice for backlit signage and displays, graphic overlay panels, illuminated menu boards, vending machine graphics, point-of-purchase posters, retractable banner stands, tradeshow booth panels, transit advertising and bus shelter advertising.

Thickness: 0,5 – 1,5 mm
Standard Sizes: 1220*2440 mm
Colors: Clear, Opal, White

Increasingly, vending machines are seen in most crowded and most visited places in daily life. They have to be distractive and appealing to reach their goal. And yet they have to be vandalproof.

Here enters PETG sheets in use. They are a superhero combining clarity with toughness, chemical resistance with fire safety and printability with deep draw formability.

Thickness: 2-10 mm
Standard sizes: 2050*3050 mm
Colors: Clear, Opal, White

Gamma radiation is used in strelisation of the medical equipment. PETG’s resistance to gamma radiation and to most chemicals makes it an indispensable plastic in medical field.

Our PETG sheets are especially used in the production of infant incubators.

Thickness: 2-10 mm
Standard sizes: 2050*3050 mm
Colors: Clear, Opal, White

Our PETG sheets are widely used in safety equipments like machine covers, security glazing, visors thanks to their ease of thermoforming, wide freedom of design, high break resistance, excellent fire resistance and low non-toxic smoke generation, excellent transparency and brilliance, outstanding chemical resistance.

Thickness: 2-10 mm
Standard sizes: 2050*3050 mm
Colors: Clear, Opal, White