Policam Pet-G sheets on the floor

Policam Pet-G sheets offer extra-ordinary high impact resistance, compared to Acrylic, even it is High Impact grade. Sirius Plastics keeps its stocks ready in Houston, TX to introduce this great product to market. Start trying this high impact and a lot better thermoformable sheet, totally in affordable range.

PETG offers the opportunity to save on processing costs as a result of its ability to be formed at lower than usual temperatures and shorter cycle times. Combined with the chance to remove any surface scuffs with just a hot air blower before shipping the finished article, makes PETG a perfect cost-saver. And furthermore PETG sheets do not need pre-drying before thermoforming process. This saves a considerable amount of time and money.

Check out more details at: https://www.siriusplastics.com/pet-g-sheets/

Pet-G Impact Resistance comparison graph

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